Roll Screens for Custom Openings

A motorized retractable roll screen for your Orlando area home or business may be easier to retrofit than you imagine.

roll screen track style mount If looking to add a motorized retractable shade solution for your patio, pool, or lanai area contact us to learn about our custom high quality roll screens for custom openings.

Shown here is just one style of custom track mounts to accommodate a motorized retractable screen.

You’re welcome to ask us to work with your architect, contractor, or custom home builder to add retractable roll screens to their design for residential or commercial property.

While it is more efficient and cost effective to build in the design of your roll screens up front, there are retrofit options.

We’re experts and highly confident and creative in solving roll screen mounting for custom openings.

Clients concerned about an existing opening being suitable for retrofit should call us for a no obiligation evaluation for your home or business.

Plan ahead now as summer quickly approaches and enjoy the comfort of relaxing outdoors, saving on cooling expense, and avoiding those pesky bugs.

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Orlando Spring Home Show in February

Join the Roll Screen Solutions team at the Orlando Spring Home and Garden Show at OCCC February 18, 19, and 20, 2011.

home garden show 2011 graphic Orange County Convention Center
North/South Building
Hall North-B on Universal Drive
Telephone: 407-685-9800

Visit the Roll Screen Solutions booth to view demonstrations or ask questions about manual or motorized retractable awnings, retractable screens, plus roof gutter screen systems, and more.

Browse more than 100 other vendors with the latest products and services for Orlando and surrounding area homeowners.

Call or text 407-345-9283 today with any questions about our shade solution products or the Orlando Spring Home and Garden Show for February 2011.

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Roof Gutters Public Enemy 1-2-3

For the roof gutters of your Orlando area home that get clogged every year we have a solution for roof gutters public enemy 1, 2 and 3.

gutterguard magazine ad feb 2011 That would be seed pods, leaves, or pine needles as shown below from our Gutter Guard magazine ad for February as featured in Select Magazine.

Let us take care of that problem for you. Consider the headline: Your gutters will never CLOG again!

Despite all the February blizzard conditions in other parts of the USA, now is the season of clogged gutters in Central Florida.

Imagine the convenience of having a roof gutter system so you never have to clean gutters again!

Call or text 407-345-9283 today for a no obligation review and GuttergloveĀ® quote from the Gutter Screens Orlando professionals at Roll Screen Solutions, LLC.

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Working with Architects and Contractors

Working closely with Orlando area architects and contractors as well as custom home builders on new construction plans is our specialty.

roll screen overlooking pool Consider Roll Screen Solutions when you’re looking for hotel, restaurant, or other commercial business patio shade screens whether your project is new construction or retrofit.

A key advantage of a rollup screen is it allows the feeling of being outside whether your patrons are on the patio for a meal or sipping a beverage while looking out over a golf course or pool.

The shade and comfort of a motorized retractable roll screen doesn’t mean giving up enjoying the view, and our screens are designed to keep out the bugs.

Contact us foo prompt and courteous answers to any questions about our products.

We only handle top quality materials in the construction of our screens and accessories.

Depend on Roll Screen Solutions for working with architects and contractors in the Orlando Florida area for creative shade solutions and products that last.

We provide motorized retractable roll screens and awning products for any phase of a construction project whether residential or commercial.

Call or text 407-345-9283 today!

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Custom Florida Awning Price Estimate

Our custom Florida 2008 awning price guide shows a base price range of $1725 to $6540 for budgetary purposes for high quality retractable awnings.

tan residential patio awning Not all awnings are equal.

Cheap import custom awnings cannot compare to the high quality we offer for design, durability, and choices of fabrics with manual or motorized options.

We service Orlando and surrounding communities of Central Florida and ship retractable awning kits to all 50 states in the USA. (Update: We now export.)

Sizes vary by projection in feet including 5′, 6’8″, 8’3″, 10′, or 11’6″ and width in feet from 5′ to 38′.

Florida custom awning price option estimates include installation for $250 to $595, electric motor upgrade for $395, motor outdoor wiring $118, $120 for manual motor over ride (hand held remote included), or optional wind sensor at $289 plus $75 outdoor wiring fee.

Measure the desired awning width then select the projection preference, and then add the cost of options from the paragraph above for a total budget range per awning.

NOTE and UPDATE: Since this blog post was done in 2010, we suggest you call for a cost estimate before setting a budget!

Call or text 407-345-9283 today for a firm quote or answers to any questions.

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Florida Late Fall GutterGuard Solution

Fall in Central Florida falls later, so December could be the right time to install a Florida late fall GutterGuard solution.

florida tree fall colors Trees shed their leaves late in Florida which affects when roof gutters get plugged up.

Roll Screen Solutions LLC provides sales and installation of this unique roof gutter system for keeping gutters clean from leaves and other debris.

Our service area includes Orlando and the surrounding communities of Central Florida.

Imagine the advantages of being able to eliminate gutter cleaning forever, filter out all debris from your gutter, and have a first stage filter if you have a rain harvesting system.

Our gutter screen systems are designed with top quality materials for superior performance and built to last.

People falling from ladders is one of the most common preventable home accidents, and the annual ritual of cleaning roof gutters is especially dangerous due to the height.

Why risk injury when a GutterGuard can save you the headaches of cleaning gutters every year?

Learn more. Call or text 407-345-9283 today for more information.

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Awning Fabric Quality Cost Savings

The idea behind awning fabric quality cost savings for home or business shade solutions is simply pay more for something that lasts longer.

business home window awnings collage

Useful life can be measured in time yet our high quality retractable awnings offer savings in less obvious ways, too.

Cost of ownership is lower over the long term when you avoid cheap imports and consider purchasing top quality patio, door, and window awnings.

Window and door awnings can reduce your energy costs.

Technical evaluation by the ASHRAE American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers concluded that the choice of awning fabric can reduce heat in your home or business.

Their studies report using solution dyed acrylic fabrics on awnings can drastically save energy by lowering your electric bill.

Our custom retractable motorized or manual awnings are constructed with Sunbrella brand solution dyed acrylic and double stitched with Gortex thread.

In addition to high quality awning fabric, we offer over 400 color choices in solids or stripes.

Why buy a cheap product you have to repair or replace often?

Our awning fabric materials are known to last up to 12-15 years, so consider the useful life and energy savings when ready to add new awnings to your Orlando area home or business.

Keep in mind we do awning sales, installation, and service in Orlando and the surrounding communities of Central Florida.

Elsewhere in the USA we ship retractable awning kits for homeowners or commercial business to all 50 states, (update) plus export outside the USA.

Have a contractor or handyman to do the installation? Buy direct for do-it-yourself and save.

Call or text 407-345-9283 today to learn more about how to specify and order a retractable awning for your patio, doors, or windows.

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Bad Things Happening to Good Screens

The high quality motorized retractable screen products from Roll Screen Solutions are designed for years of use, yet not rated indestructible.

child at patio retractable screen While mishaps with your retractable screen may be suitable for America’s Funniest Home Videos, the damage may not be covered by warranty and could cost you for repair, replacement, and service.

Here are some retractable screen tips to extend the useful life of your retractable window, door, or patio screens to avoid bad things happening to good screens.

Children or pets may push on screens thinking the structure is solid when in fact they are not locked in place, and are designed so the magnet may release.

To avoid damage a childproof gate may be appropriate for pets or toddlers. Retractable screens are not intended as a substitute for an enclosure or fence.

Bigger kids, and certainly adults, have been known to walk into glass sliding doors and are just as likely to walk into a retractable screen.

If they do then the door is designed for the pull bar to release the magnet, yet significant damage may occur.

Decorative decals at eye level may help avoid this type of mishap, yet the real solution if keeping people mindful the retractable screen is there.

Finally, you may notice loose screens caused by a person or gust of wind so that the screen is off the track.

Though rare, it could happen and keep in mind retractable screens are not connected at the top and bottom guides when your screen door is in use.

Don’t try to force it back into place, but instead be careful as you fully retract the screen.

It should reset itself back into the track.

Use this advice to avoid the cost of non-warranty bad things happening to good screens.

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Retractable Awning Content Transferred

Since the launch earlier in 2010 of individual websites for our shade and screen related product lines, (update) all products are featured here.

striped retractable pool awning Content transferred recently from and to this site.

Those two sites represent the original and oldest product lines, and are now combined on one site.

As a reminder, our motorized and manual retractable awnings are made in the USA with top quality material.

We provide sales, service, and installation in Orlando and the surrounding communities of Central Florida. We offer awning kits, too!

Our full range of awnings are also available as kits for do-it-yourself projects, and can be shipped to all 50 states in the USA, and exported*.

*UPDATE: Since 2010, we will be consolidating our product lines for an enhanced shopping experience on just this website. We now export kits.

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Retractable Awnings and High Winds

Our high quality custom motorized retractable awnings are designed to withstand winds up to 150 mph coastal wind load.

motorized retractable awning residential installation That’s really important for our customers, especially in the Orlando and Central Florida area.

Keeping your motorized awning retracted during a storm is still best for the life of the product, so here’s some advice for retractable awnings and high winds.

Most importantly, our advice is to roll in the awning each night and be aware of the weather at all times so the awning is primarily used under proper and normal weather conditions.

When you’re away, nature may not cooperate, so there’s still protection when the awning encounters high winds.

Unlike cheap imported awnings, our retractable awning construction will withstand hurricane force winds to strict certified Florida standards.

The high quality is appropriate outside of Florida, also, and we ship awning kits to all 50 states in the USA.

If you are at home when a storm approaches, our advice is retracting the awning rather than test the hurricane rating.

Otherwise, we recommend an optional wind sensor system for your retractable awning to sense wind speed and automatically retract the awning to avoid potential high wind damage.

Keep in mind the wind sensor operates on electricity, so an emergency backup generator would be needed in case of a power outage.

Call or text 407-345-9283 with any questions about retractable awning sales and installation in Orlando and the surrounding Central Florida communities.

UPDATE: We now ship custom residential or commercial retractable screen and awning kits anywhere in the USA, and export kits, too.

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