Gutterguard Limited Parts Warranty

Roll Screen Solutions sells and installs Gutterguard residential gutter screen systems as a certified installer for Orlando and Central Florida.

Gutterguard mini ad The Gutterguard Limited Parts Warranty varies for our work compared to do-it-yourself projects as follows:

Commercial Gutter Incorporated (herein referred to as CGI) warrants to the original owner(s) that its specially designed GuttergloveĀ® (herein referred to as GG) gutter guards will not be defective in manufactured parts, and agrees that it will, at its option only, either repair the broken part or replace it with a new or reconditioned equivalent.

If sold and installed by Roll Screen Solutions this Limited Warranty is valid for 25 years for the Gutterglove Pro Series and 15 years for Gutterglove Ultra.

This is for their parts only and does not include cost of labor for re-installation or shipping costs.

For do-it-yourself by the homeowner or their handyman installer the Limited Warranty is valid for only 10 years (not 25 years) on all the above mentioned gutter guards.

The term of the warranty depends on whether GG is installed directly by the end user and not a Certified GG Installer.

Coverage Exclusions and Limitations

The above mentioned warranties are void if any of the following conditions occur: Improper installation; settlement of building structure; Structural shrinkage or distortion of structure (Example: warping of roof or gutter over time etc); Vandalism; Hail; Fire; Tornado; Windstorm; Earthquakes; Lightning; Protective liquids or any type of roof preservation product applied to roof tops to extend the life of a roof; Maintenance Procedures are not followed properly; Tree sapping on mesh; Insect/bird droppings on mesh; Accidental damage; Acts of God; Misuse or abuse of the gutter guard; Mildew accumulation; Paint overspray; Moss or algae growth accumulation; Impact of foreign objects; Normal weathering; Caustic atmospheric conditions (Example: Acid rain, harmful chemicals, etc) or any other causes beyond the control of CGI.

Questions about the advantages or warranty for Gutterguard gutter screen systems? Call or text 407-345-9283 today.

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