Do-It-Yourself Shade Screens

Help us provide better service with feedback about do-it-yourself shade screens if considering buying and installing a retractable roll screen.

patio pool screen opened half way Don’t make the mistake of buying based on low price, or you may regret the choice if you end up needing a replacement long before you imagined.

Quality products can make the difference in long-term cost of ownership, and our retractable roll screens are made in the USA with the best materials possible.

We currently ship motorized retractable screens and awning kits to all 50 states and export for do-it-yourself home projects.

For now roll screens have been sold and installed by us locally in the Orlando Florida area and nearby communities of Central Florida.

Perhaps you’re handy working with tools and want to add a retractable roll screen to your porch, patio, lanai, or garage.

Maybe you plan to hire a local contractor to do it for you.

Your feedback can help us develop the kits and instructions for do-it-yourself retractable roll screen installations.

There are numerous factors to consider to make sure jobs are measured and specified correctly to insure selection of a proper screen and suitable how-to procedures.

For example, to retrofit for an existing structure requires a different approach than new construction.

Depending on your home design you may have to decide between an outside mount, inside mount, or in-frame recessed mount.

Our idea is to help you avoid the costly mistake of forcing the wrong design to work in your application.

Thinking about a retractable screen kit to help keep cool this summer? Call or text 407-345-9283 to discuss your application. If we decide to make roll screen kits we will seriously consider your input. Thanks.

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