Choice of Motorized or Manual Awnings

Here’s some advice for making your choice of motorized or manual awnings when selecting a retractable awning for windows, doors, patio, or lanai.

residential striped patio awning Manual awnings are practical and recommended for small windows or doors in most cases.

However, advice may vary for larger windows, a patio, or lanai depending on the application and the type of customer when buying a retractable awning in the Orlando area of Central Florida.

We service residential and commercial clients, so automated may be preferred for a business to minimize labor costs operating the awning.

For commerical or residential applications a motorized retractable awning adds modest cost compared to the convenience of push button control to extend or retract your awning.

This may seem inconsequential for healthy young adults. Operating a manual crank for an elderly or weak person may be difficult.

A retractable awning motor with controls will add as little as 25% to your total cost, so our advice is getting a motorized retractable awning as your budget allows or as your situation requires.

Finally, another option provides added convenience with a motorized retractable awning. Consider adding a wind sensor that will detect windy conditions while you are away from home and then retract your awning automatically.

Call or text our friendly sales staff at 407-345-9283 if you have any doubt and need advice comparing your choice of motorized or manual awnings.

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