Bad Things Happening to Good Screens

The high quality motorized retractable screen products from Roll Screen Solutions are designed for years of use, yet not rated indestructible.

child at patio retractable screen While mishaps with your retractable screen may be suitable for America’s Funniest Home Videos, the damage may not be covered by warranty and could cost you for repair, replacement, and service.

Here are some retractable screen tips to extend the useful life of your retractable window, door, or patio screens to avoid bad things happening to good screens.

Children or pets may push on screens thinking the structure is solid when in fact they are not locked in place, and are designed so the magnet may release.

To avoid damage a childproof gate may be appropriate for pets or toddlers. Retractable screens are not intended as a substitute for an enclosure or fence.

Bigger kids, and certainly adults, have been known to walk into glass sliding doors and are just as likely to walk into a retractable screen.

If they do then the door is designed for the pull bar to release the magnet, yet significant damage may occur.

Decorative decals at eye level may help avoid this type of mishap, yet the real solution if keeping people mindful the retractable screen is there.

Finally, you may notice loose screens caused by a person or gust of wind so that the screen is off the track.

Though rare, it could happen and keep in mind retractable screens are not connected at the top and bottom guides when your screen door is in use.

Don’t try to force it back into place, but instead be careful as you fully retract the screen.

It should reset itself back into the track.

Use this advice to avoid the cost of non-warranty bad things happening to good screens.

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