Commercial Patio Umbrella Quality

Our large area commercial patio umbrella quality is perfect for a restaurant patio, sports venue, theme park, or fast food outdoor court.

commercial umbrella upright construction Commercial patio umbrella quality construction features:

* Pole: center and arms in steel. All steel treated with anti rust process and powder coated center pole section 5.9 x 5.9 x 0.12″.
* Base: all steel powder coated in 46.4 x 46.4″ held in place by 20 x 20 x 2″ cement stones for a total weight of 1000 lbs. Has adjustable bolts for easy leveling. (May be bolted in place or optional in ground base available.)
* Mechanism: winch for each canopy with removable handle EEC approved protective case and safety friction.
* Wind Bar: locks into rib of canopies making each of the canopies more stable in wind.
* Ribs: 8 replaceable aluminum ribs measuring .94 x 1.34″.
* Canopy: 350gr/meter/sq in 100% marine grade waterproof acrylic fabric with anti-mold treatment; fade resistant, water, oil, and dirt repellent. Canopy hangs from boom when not in use.
* Vent: single vent canopy provides air passage allowing for more stability in heavier winds.

Protect patrons from the sun and light rain with these unique high quality umbrellas made by Caravita* distributed by Roll Screen Solutions LLC.

All materials are top quality designed materials to provide years of service. The fabric is the equivalent of Sunbrella material used in USA awnings and umbrellas.

The single upright shown may be used for a single, double, or quad umbrella set allowing up to 676 sq ft of shade with one upright.

This reduces foot traffic obstacles and provides an enhanced view for patrons.

Contact us today for a no obligation review and quote when looking for the best in commercial patio umbrella quality.

*UPDATE: Product specs may vary. We changed sources since 2010 and agreed to become a Caravita authorized distributor.

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