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It’s truly as easy as 1-2-3 when you visit our Facebook page for roll screens and follow the steps in our graphic.

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That’s it. You’re done in 3 steps and about 3 seconds. Want to leave a more detailed review? Please do!

Your opinion is welcome for sales, pricing, quality, and installation of motorized retractable screen products.

We want to hear your ideas and any suggestions for ways to improve our roll screen business, too. Thanks!

Again, follow this link to the Facebook business page for Roll Screen Solutions to add your review today.

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Orlando Late Fall and Leaf Control

The Orlando late fall and leaf control is still an option for homeowners with Gutterglove® gutter screens from Roll Screen Solutions.

leaf covered lawn Orlando is experiencing an unusually warm December with record breaking high temperature averages.

Most trees in Central Florida still have an abundance of leaves ready to fall. They can clog gutters and cause problems for homeowners who choose do-it-yourself leaf control.

Standing on your roof or climbing (and moving) a ladder to remove leaves by hand can be dangerous.

Now is a good time to consider a leaf gutter control system and avoid the annual chore of cleaning gutters.

Gutterglove® roof gutter screen systems handle leaves and other debris that can clog gutters by providing a screen so only water enters the gutter on the roof of your home.

Want to learn more? We can provide a no obligation proposal for a Gutterglove® system for your home. Call or text Roll Screen Solutions at 407-345-9283 for a prompt reply.

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Retractable Roll Screens in Winter

The advantages of a motorized retractable roll screen during warmer months is obvious because it helps keep your living space cool.

large retractable commercial screen Just as roll screens help cool in summer, our retractable roll screens can insulate and help save energy in winter, too.

Roll Screen Solutions builds custom retractable screens for patios, lanais, and porches. We manufacture custom retractable screens for doors, as well.

The photo shown here is a retractable screen for an Orlando area residential front door with the door open (left), and the same door closed (right).

For our customers in the Orlando Florida area, door shades provide energy savings, help keep out insects, and add protection from harmful uv rays during all seasons.

They call Florida the sunshine state for a reason.

Use door shades to avoid the potential damage to furniture or property by uv rays from long term exposure in winter.

Need help or have questions about retractable roll screens?

Call or text 407-345-9283 today for professional advice and custom recommendations based on your needs.

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Shade Kits from Roll Screen Solutions

Commercial or residential owners looking for awning or shade screen solutions are reminded that we export and ship kits to all 50 states.

striped retractable awning You don’t have to live in the Orlando area or even Florida to enjoy high quality shade kits from Roll Screen Solutions.

Our roll shade and awning kits include all materials necessary except the tools and labor to install retractable shade solutions.

Try do-it-yourself screen or awning installation, or you may want to hire a handyman or local contractor.

Most projects should take less than a day from start to finish if you’ve done the prep work before the kit arrives.

To get started, and before you contact us, take measurements and photographs to send by email.

Show us the intended location for mounting the screen or awning from different angles, and then describe your plan for the finished look.

Do these basics for each unit if you need more than one.

In addition, decide on preferences like motorized vs. manual operation plus any other options you have in mind.

Based on your input, dimensions, and the description of your awning or screen requirements we’ll provide a proposal with price and estimated ship date for the awning or shade screen kit.

We will ask for additional details as necessary.

Our roll screen shade and awning products are produced with high quality materials.

Unlike cheap imports that may look right yet feature inferior quality that you may regret later, our screens and awnings are built to last.

Enjoy the long term benefits of a custom shade solution including enhanced comfort and lower cost of ownership by considering shade kits from Roll Screen Solutions.

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Keeping Cool in This Florida Heat Wave

2011 set temperature records across the USA and it’s the right time to consider Roll Screen Solutions for keeping cool in this Florida heat wave.

beat the heat Florida sunrise

The saying Beat the HEAT in Central Florida usually refers to that basketball team from Miami whenever they play the Orlando Magic.

We provide sales, installation, and service of retractable awnings and retractable screens plus other related shade solution products in Orlando and the surrounding communities of Central Florida.

In addition, customers outside Florida may order screen or awning kits for do-it-yourself projects or when hiring a subcontractor or handyman.

Our shade screen products are available for commercial customers as well as residential.

Have an awning or screen kit shipped to your door and it’s possible to be enjoying the shade and keeping your cool the very same day.

Roll Screen Solutions ships kits to all 50 states.

Yes, we even ship kits within Florida if you are outside our Orlando and Central Florida service area.

Don’t suffer from the sweltering heat when affordable high quality shade solutions are available now.

Considering new retractable awnings or retractable screens is especially practical anytime for southern states with hot weather 6 months or more every year.

Call or text 407-345-9283 today with any questions about what you need for keeping your cool in a Florida heat wave.

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Gutterguard Limited Parts Warranty

Roll Screen Solutions sells and installs Gutterguard residential gutter screen systems as a certified installer for Orlando and Central Florida.

Gutterguard mini ad The Gutterguard Limited Parts Warranty varies for our work compared to do-it-yourself projects as follows:

Commercial Gutter Incorporated (herein referred to as CGI) warrants to the original owner(s) that its specially designed Gutterglove® (herein referred to as GG) gutter guards will not be defective in manufactured parts, and agrees that it will, at its option only, either repair the broken part or replace it with a new or reconditioned equivalent.

If sold and installed by Roll Screen Solutions this Limited Warranty is valid for 25 years for the Gutterglove Pro Series and 15 years for Gutterglove Ultra.

This is for their parts only and does not include cost of labor for re-installation or shipping costs.

For do-it-yourself by the homeowner or their handyman installer the Limited Warranty is valid for only 10 years (not 25 years) on all the above mentioned gutter guards.

The term of the warranty depends on whether GG is installed directly by the end user and not a Certified GG Installer.

Coverage Exclusions and Limitations

The above mentioned warranties are void if any of the following conditions occur: Improper installation; settlement of building structure; Structural shrinkage or distortion of structure (Example: warping of roof or gutter over time etc); Vandalism; Hail; Fire; Tornado; Windstorm; Earthquakes; Lightning; Protective liquids or any type of roof preservation product applied to roof tops to extend the life of a roof; Maintenance Procedures are not followed properly; Tree sapping on mesh; Insect/bird droppings on mesh; Accidental damage; Acts of God; Misuse or abuse of the gutter guard; Mildew accumulation; Paint overspray; Moss or algae growth accumulation; Impact of foreign objects; Normal weathering; Caustic atmospheric conditions (Example: Acid rain, harmful chemicals, etc) or any other causes beyond the control of CGI.

Questions about the advantages or warranty for Gutterguard gutter screen systems? Call or text 407-345-9283 today.

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Florida Temperature and Humidity

As summer gets closer it’s time again to evaluate screen and awning shade solutions for your home or business to keep family and customers comfy.

Florida greenery and canal Imagine the difficulty of keeping your cool 500 years ago.

Back then the Florida temperature and humidity, with reference to bugs and other wild creatures, were topics in reports to Europe from the first explorers to the Sunshine State.

After encountering the sweltering heat and humidity, plus swarms of mosquitoes, they wrote back to Spain to report “We have landed in a place that will never be inhabited by human beings.”

Those first explorers certainly could not foresee the invention of air conditioning or 18 million inhabitants 500 years later.

The first documented evidence of European explorers arriving in Florida began with Juan Ponce de Leeon’s first visit in 1513.

It’s easy to imagine their negative first impression about the heat.

Fortunately, we have practical solutions to overcome the heat including lower cost alternatives like roll screen shades and retractable awnings.

Let Roll Screen Solutions help you choose the right methods to stay cool this summer.

With record temperatures throughout the country, keep in mind we can provide retractable shade and awning kits to residential or commercial customers in all 50 states.

All you need is a few tools or hire a handyman or contractor to do the installation for you.

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Do-It-Yourself Shade Screens

Help us provide better service with feedback about do-it-yourself shade screens if considering buying and installing a retractable roll screen.

patio pool screen opened half way Don’t make the mistake of buying based on low price, or you may regret the choice if you end up needing a replacement long before you imagined.

Quality products can make the difference in long-term cost of ownership, and our retractable roll screens are made in the USA with the best materials possible.

We currently ship motorized retractable screens and awning kits to all 50 states and export for do-it-yourself home projects.

For now roll screens have been sold and installed by us locally in the Orlando Florida area and nearby communities of Central Florida.

Perhaps you’re handy working with tools and want to add a retractable roll screen to your porch, patio, lanai, or garage.

Maybe you plan to hire a local contractor to do it for you.

Your feedback can help us develop the kits and instructions for do-it-yourself retractable roll screen installations.

There are numerous factors to consider to make sure jobs are measured and specified correctly to insure selection of a proper screen and suitable how-to procedures.

For example, to retrofit for an existing structure requires a different approach than new construction.

Depending on your home design you may have to decide between an outside mount, inside mount, or in-frame recessed mount.

Our idea is to help you avoid the costly mistake of forcing the wrong design to work in your application.

Thinking about a retractable screen kit to help keep cool this summer? Call or text 407-345-9283 to discuss your application. If we decide to make roll screen kits we will seriously consider your input. Thanks.

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Orlando 2011 Home and Garden Show

The Central Florida Home and Garden Show for Spring 2011 is running from April 15-17 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

all products photo collage Make plans for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday to see the latest products and services from more than 250 vendors.

Roll Screen Solutions, LLC will be featuring information and demos of our shade related retractable screens, retractable awnings, umbrellas, and more.

Find us in booth 1236.

As summer approaches in Central Florida, now is the perfect time to learn more about the high quality shade solution products available from Roll Screen Solutions, LLC.

We provide sales, installation, and service of a wide variety of products including those shown above for residential and commercial customers.

We look forward to meeting you at the Orlando 2011 home and garden show.

Have pre-show or future show questions? Call or text 407-345-9283 for a prompt reply about retractable awnings, shades, and screens for your home or business.

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Choice of Motorized or Manual Awnings

Here’s some advice for making your choice of motorized or manual awnings when selecting a retractable awning for windows, doors, patio, or lanai.

residential striped patio awning Manual awnings are practical and recommended for small windows or doors in most cases.

However, advice may vary for larger windows, a patio, or lanai depending on the application and the type of customer when buying a retractable awning in the Orlando area of Central Florida.

We service residential and commercial clients, so automated may be preferred for a business to minimize labor costs operating the awning.

For commerical or residential applications a motorized retractable awning adds modest cost compared to the convenience of push button control to extend or retract your awning.

This may seem inconsequential for healthy young adults. Operating a manual crank for an elderly or weak person may be difficult.

A retractable awning motor with controls will add as little as 25% to your total cost, so our advice is getting a motorized retractable awning as your budget allows or as your situation requires.

Finally, another option provides added convenience with a motorized retractable awning. Consider adding a wind sensor that will detect windy conditions while you are away from home and then retract your awning automatically.

Call or text our friendly sales staff at 407-345-9283 if you have any doubt and need advice comparing your choice of motorized or manual awnings.

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